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Brand New Foot Orthosis Additions with MicroGrip

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Foot Orthosis Additions
Increasing your treatment options 

TalarMade have developed a unique range of Plantar Surface Additions to customise pre-fabricated and custom made Foot Orthoses.
This range has been created based on clinical experience and customer feedback. It allows the Plantar surface of any orthosis or shoe to be modified immediately in clinic to improve the function and effectiveness of treatment without the need for a workshop of tools. This will aid timely delivery of care and provide clinicians with the ability to fine tune their orthotic prescription as required.
TalarMade’s Foot Surface Additions are secured to the orthosis or shoe using MicroGrip or self-adhesive.
Microgrip Fastening
MicroGrip, developed by TalarMade has multiple short hooks which lock in to the microfiber top cover of the insole.
MicroGrip allows TalarMade Additions to be securely and immediately fastened to the majority of TalarMade’s microfiber covered foot orthoses range.
MicroGrip allows pads to be easily removed and reapplied to ensure the optimum position and functionality of the surface addition.
Self-adhesive Fastening
All of the TalarMade surface additions are also available with a self-adhesive option allowing them to be applied to footwear, vinyls, composites and thermoplastics.
View the full range of additions at the links below.
Reverse Morton's Extension / PMP Pads - PU Gel
Metatarsal / Sulcus Pads - PU Gel - EVA
Teardrop Metatarsal Domes - PU Gel - EVA
Metatarsal Domes - PU Gel - EVA
Dancer Pad - EVA 

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