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MED SPEC EVO QUATRO Ankle Stabilizer


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MedSpec Evo Ankle
SizeAnkle Circ. (cm)
X-Small25.5 - 28
Small 28 - 30.5
Medium30.5 - 33
Large33 - 35.5
X-Large35.5 - 38
XX-Large38 - 40.5

Features and Benefits:

  • The EVO Quatro is a low-profile version of the regular EVO ankle brace but has been modified to reduce coverage around the midfoot and allow for unrestricted plantar flexion
  • This brace is bilateral and fits either the left or right foot
  • The internal stirrup strap travels through slots in the dynamic cuff and continues outside the boot to form the stabilising straps
  • Captures the calcaneus (heel) and resists inversion or eversion of the ankle to help stabilise the talocrural and subtalar joints
  • Ultra thin plastic cuff works with strapping system to provide circumferential compression around the distal tibiofibular joint
  • The dynamic cuff is now lined with CoolFlex™ padding for improved comfort and Skinloc™ material to resist distal migration

Recommended For:

  • Inversion or eversion ankle sprains
  • Syndesmotic ankle sprain (high ankle sprain)
  • Medial or lateral ankle instability
  • Subtalar joint instability


The MED SPEC EVO QUATRO Ankle Stabiliser is designed to provide superior support and stabilisation for weak or injured ankles. Featuring an innovative design with adjustable straps, it ensures a secure and customised fit for maximum comfort and support. The breathable material keeps the ankle cool and dry during extended wear, making it ideal for everyday use and physical activities. Perfect for managing ankle sprains, strains, and chronic instability, the MED SPEC EVO QUATRO Ankle Stabiliser enhances mobility and aids in the recovery process while preventing further injury.


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