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Easy Walk ECO Advance


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Easy Walk ECO Advance
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Features and Benefits:

  • Carbon fibre and composite materials
  • Exceptionally strong and lightweight
  • Restricts unwanted ankle movement improving stability during gait
  • Flexible carbon fibre allows dorsiflexion and prevents plantar flexion
  • The flexibility of the forefoot and rear of the footplate enables a dynamic physiological gait pattern, whilst the more rigid
    midfoot area provides stability
  • Trimmable footplate with scissors or can be ground to fit
  • Supplied with Superflex foot orthoses for enhanced comfort.

Recommended For:

  • Swing phase activities
  • Drop foot secondary to neurological pathologies
  • Weak dorsiflexors
  • Mild plantarflexor weakness
  • Ankle arthritis


Our most cost and clinically effective AFO. Made from a mix of composite materials
designed to offer appropriate levels of control and stability for those with light to
moderate needs.

The ECO ADVANCE adapts to different calf profiles and effectively follows
your end-user through their rehabilitation phase. Slightly more flexible than our

ADVANCE AFO to aid mild plantar flexor weakness and moderate to profound
weakness in the dorsiflexors.

Range-of-Motion (ROM) available to the spring assembly also aids proprioception
but may limit the transfer of forces superiorly along the kinetic chain in the stance
phase. The medial strut and non-deforming, trimmable footplate ensure the ECO

ADVANCE can be used in many types of footwear.

Effective heel height: 10mm | Tested to ISO 10328


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