Brand Partners

Established in 2016, Trend Medical are a leading orthopaedic bracing and rehabilitation equipment manufacturer. Their purpose is simple, to design and develop game-changing products to meet and exceed the needs of their providers and patients. They are led by top industry professionals dedicated to developing clinically driven, superior quality, well-built functional orthoses.

AposHealth® are passionate about revolutionizing the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Their flagship solution, Apos®, is CE-marked and FDA-cleared to temporarily reduce knee pain caused by osteoarthritis and has been used by over 120,000 patients. TalarMade is delighted to be their UK distributor, offering product training and sales support for Apos Therapy footwear.

Formed in 1957, Piedro® is a leader in designing and manufacturing specialist orthopaedic footwear for adults and children. Their extensive footwear collection covers sizes from 15 - 49 in up to eight width fittings. Their footwear styles are bright, modern, and attractive and include stock, modular, and custom pairs.

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