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Hallux Rigidus

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Hallux Rigidus / Limitus
SizeShoe Size UKShoe Size European
1UK Size 135
2UK Size 236
3UK Size 337
4UK Size 438
5UK Size 539
6UK Size 640
7UK Size 741
8UK Size 842
9UK Size 943
10UK Size 1044
11UK Size 1145
12UK Size 1246

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Features and Benefits:

  • Available in left, right or pairs
  • Sizes 35-46
  • Medium width
  • Full reinforcement

Recommended For:

  • Hallux Rigidus


The Hallux Rigidus insole features reinforcement spanning the entire width of the metatarsal heads and extending the full length of the toe (highlighted in red), effectively limiting movement of the metatarsophalangeal joint to prevent discomfort.

Hallux rigidus and Limitus

Hallux limitus and rigidus are common causes of foot pain, often worsening over time and leading to disability. Arthritis in the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MTPJ) is typically categorized as hallux limitus or rigidus when there’s restricted range of motion in the joint.

These conditions are characterized by damaged cartilage and bony growths (osteophytes) along the dorsal joint line, resulting in a stiff and painful joint. Without surgical intervention, treatment primarily focuses on managing pain and symptoms.

Various methods can be employed to achieve this goal, often targeting the reduction of dorsiflexion moments acting on the hallux

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