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Foot Clinic Metaflex Insole


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Foot Clinic Metaflex
SizeUK Shoe SizeInsole Length (mm)
Extra Small3 - 4.5172
Small5 - 6.5181
Medium7 - 8.5190
Large9 - 10.5201
Extra Large11 - 13222


Foot Clinic is part of the TalarMade FootMedics insole family. Sizing and models are exactly the same as FootMedics


Features & benefits:

  • Restores natural alignment of the toe joints
  • Redistributes pressure away from painful areas
  • Built in metatarsal dome
  • Cushioned area under the heel
  • Slim fitting
  • Ideal for any shoe

Indications for use:

  • Ball of foot pain (metatarsalgia) including corns, sore spots
  • Morton’s neuroma inflammation of the forefoot joints


Designed to relieve ball of foot pain, The Foot Clinic Metatarsalgia Insole features a gel metatarsal dome that provides gentle yet effective support to the toe joints, reducing pain and pressure in the ball of the foot. These e insoles are perfect for individuals with Morton’s Neuroma and similar nerve conditions. Please consult a professional to determine if a metatarsal dome insole is right for you. Experience targeted relief and enhanced comfort with The Foot Clinic Metatarsalgia Insole.


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