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Philly Collar


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Philly Collar
SizeHeightNeck Circ. CMProduct Code
Small5.725.4 - 33PC/S2
Small8.325.4 - 33PC/S3
Small10.825.4 - 33PC/S4
Small13.325.4 - 33PC/S5
Medium5.733 - 40.6PC/M2
Medium8.333 - 40.6PC/M3
Medium10.833 - 40.6PC/M4
Medium13.333 - 40.6PC/M5
Large5.740.6 - 48.6PC/L2
Large8.340.6 - 48.6PC/L3
Large10.840.6 - 48.6PC/L4
Large13.340.6 - 48.6PC/L5
X-Large5.748.3 +PC/XL2
X-Large8.348.3 +PC/XL3
X-Large10.848.3 +PC/XL4
X-Large13.348.3 +PC/XL5


Features and Benefits:

  • Moderate to firm control
  • Two-piece contoured moulded foam shell
  • Rigid occipital and mandibular posts
  • Tracheotomy aperture
  • Bilateral front touch-and-close fastening

Recommended For:

  • Head drop
  • Cervical support
  • Degenerative cervical spine


The Philly Collar provides moderate to firm control with its two-piece contoured moulded foam shell. It features rigid occipital and mandibular posts, a tracheotomy aperture, and bilateral front touch-and-close fastening, ensuring reliable support and ease of use. This collar is designed to offer stability and comfort for various cervical conditions.


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