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Easy Walk Rely



Easy Walk Rely
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Features and Benefits:

  • Pre-preg carbon fibre
  • Perfectly controls ankle-foot movement with a natural gait pattern, eliminating excess movement
  • The structure fits the anatomy – the strut is curved around the lateral malleolus, and the bending axes match the ankle movement axis.The working part of the strut allows a normalised shank
  • The high-tech anterior support and its buckles are 3D printed and provide many adjustment possibilities:
  • Adjustable height of the anterior support
  • Adjustable sagittal angle of the anterior support
  • Flexible anterior support adapts to the tibia

Recommended For:

  • Severe foot drop
  • Severe ankle instability
  • Mild ankle joint contracture
  • Moderate plantarflexor weakness
  • Mild to moderate spasticity
  • Proprioceptive deficit


RELY is our new adult AFO incorporating additive technologies in its anterior shell. RELY has the added advantage of a height-adjustable front shell to allow manipulation of the Ground Reaction Force in the stance phase.

The unique and highly advanced spring and overall systemic stiffness are designed to resist dorsiflexion and proximal flexion patterns during gait.

Effective heel height: 10mm

Tested to ISO 10328


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