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FootShield II Shoe


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FootShield II Size Chart
SizeUK Shoe SIzeLengthLeft CodeRight Code
X-Small1.5 - 324FSS-II/XSLFSS-II/XSR
Small3.5 - 525.7FSS-II/SLFSS-II/SR
Medium5.5 - 727.3FSS-II/MLFSS-II/MR
Large7.5 - 929FSS-II/LLFSS-II/LR
X-Large9.5 - 1130.7FSS-II/XLLFSS-II/XLR

Features & Benefits

  • Evidence based rocker sole
  • 10˚ toe out angle
  • Apex of rocker at 60% of shoe length
  • 20˚ rocker angle
  • Removable memory foam insole
  • Square toe design
  • Touch and close fastening straps
  • Can be used on it’s own or with the Hex plantar foot offloading insole
  • Removable toe cap
  • Available in left and right models
  • Available in a boot model
  •  Can be used with TalarMade microgrip surface addition

Recommended For:

  • Pressure redistribution of forefoot
  • Accommodation of dressings
  • At risk feet


FootShield II Introduction


Temporary footwear is often used in healthcare for the management of differing foot problems such as accommodation of dressings and deformity and to reduce/redistribute plantar foot pressures for feet considered “At-Risk”.

TalarMade Ltd have designed and manufactured the Footshield II shoe to address this clinical requirement. Its design is based on a systematic review conducted by our Research & Development Team fronted by TalarMade’s Clinical Director, to find the best evidence-based design for a shoe which reduces and redistributes plantar forefoot pressures.

Following the development of this shoe, an independent systematic review and meta-analysis relating to sole shape/design was published by Professor Chris Nester (see appendix 1) which drew the same conclusions from our internal systematic review justifying the design of the Footshield II shoe.

Scrutiny of the published literature relating to the pressure reduction created by comparable products on the global healthcare market showed a surprising lack of evidence to support the widely held belief that temporary footwear reduces plantar foot pressures.

FootShield II Test Results

Shows significant improvement in pressure reduction compared to similar competitive products.

To view our clinical evidence in full, click here


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