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Impact Gel Sports Cushions


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Universal Size (One size fits all)


Features and Benefits:

  • Anti-shock zones assist in pain relief
  • Alleviate metatarsalgia and prevent skin blistering
  • Cushion both the ball of the foot and the heel
  • Slim design fits most shoe

Recommended For:

  • Blistering and skin hardening
  • Forefoot joint pain
  • Pain in the forefoot/ball of the foot (metatarsalgia)
  • Skin inflammation


During high-impact activities or sports, the forefoot endures significant pressure and frictional stress, often leading to callusing or blistering of the skin. The Footmedics Impact Gel Sports Cushions feature a specialised anti-shock zone that cushions both the ball of the foot and the heel, effectively minimising the forces that cause these issues and alleviating pain swiftly and efficiently. With a sleek, slimline design, the Impact Gel Sports Cushions fit seamlessly into most footwear, providing essential protection during everyday sporting or occupational activities


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