Instep II


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Features and Benefits:

  • Forefoot extension to prevent sore spots
  • High medial cupping to support navicular
  • Polypropylene heel cupping for stability
  • Soft lining to protect soft tissues
  • High lateral cupping to resist forefoot abduction


Recommended For:

  • Offloading painful plantar forefoot lesions, corns or calluses.
  • Can be used with self-adhesive TalarMade surface additions


The Instep II Orthotics are expertly crafted to protect the paediatric plano-valgus foot, featuring a semi-rigid shell that is meticulously contoured to provide natural anatomical support. The orthotics are also equipped with a cushioned lining, which significantly enhances the protection of soft tissues, ensuring both comfort and durability.

These orthotics deliver exceptional protection and stability to both the rear and mid-foot, all in a single, convenient device. The detailed anatomical contouring offers substantial heel cupping and robust support to the often unstable mid-tarsal joint complex, which is a common source of disabling symptoms in growing feet. By addressing these critical areas, the Instep II Orthotics not only alleviate discomfort but also promote healthy foot development, making them an indispensable aid for young, active individuals.


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